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      第一篇: 保護干凈的水資源英語作文

       Water is the source of life. Without water, we can"t do many things, such as laundry, cooking, bathing... And these things are so important to us.

        Plants can"t live without water, because without water, they will dry up; Animals can"t live without water, because without water, they will die of thirst.

        Protect water resources from around. I want to ask the uncles and aunts of the factory not to pour harmful chemical liquids into rivers and lakes; I want to ask those children who love playing with water to stop wasting water resources; I want to ask everyone to turn off the tap, otherwise the last drop of water in the world will be human tears. Please don"t throw things that pollute water resources into the water, because the tap water for us will be reduced slowly. The water for washing vegetables can be poured into the toilet, the water for washing clothes can flush the toilet, and the water for washing rice can be used to wash vegetables

        So far, in the eyes of the vast majority of people, water is still inexhaustible. There are excessive exploitation, waste, rough trampling and pollution of water resources everywhere. Water resources are the common wealth of mankind. To protect water resources, we must improve people"s understanding of water resources. The state should formulate corresponding water-saving laws and regulations, and everyone should consciously develop the good habit of saving water.

        We should start from the little things around us, save water in life, and fight against the waste and destruction of water resources. If human beings continue to destroy and waste water resources, the last drop of water they see will be their own tears!

        Water can do countless things. Water is a beautiful landscape painting. Water is the life given to us by nature.

        Let"s start now, let"s act together! Protect and cherish water resources. I believe that the last drop of water on the earth is definitely not human tears.

      第二篇: 保護干凈的水資源英語作文

        Today, the teacher took us to a lecture on water. I disdained: "Jiangnan Water Town". We have a lot of water here. Why should we save so much! However, I don"t know if I don"t listen. I"m shocked. I might as well tell you the content of this lecture.

        First of all, let"s take a look at the water volume in China. Our country ranks sixth in the world. But don"t be complacent! China is the most populous country in the world, and its per capita water consumption is still the last. Although there is still a large amount of water in Jiangsu Province, when we look at Zhenjiang, the water volume is the penultimate in Jiangsu Province, only half of that in Lianyungang.

        Do you know why our water is decreasing so quickly? Mainly because of pollution. Now, the waste water from the factory is discharged into rivers, lakes and seas, including food] feces from some pig farms and cattle farms. Some unconscious citizens pour leftovers into the river at will, resulting in excess nutrition. In addition, the waste water used at home flows in and pollutes the water resources.

        So, how should we protect water resources? We should not litter in fish ponds, rivers, oceans and other places. We should use water in a series of ways. For example, we can use rice washing water to water flowers, wash vegetables and mop the floor, and flush the toilet with vegetable washing water, mopping water and bathing water, which can protect water resources.

        Some people say that protecting water resources can not be done by one person. Yes, one person can do it, but if we work together, we can protect water resources.

        What is the purpose of protecting water resources? More! We drink water every day to beautify the environment and feed small fish and shrimp.

        Let"s work together to protect water resources!

      第三篇: 保護干凈的水資源英語作文

        Water is the source of life and the foundation of life. Human beings can"t live without water. People can not eat for a few days, but they can not drink for a few days. Now, there are 2 billion people in the world who are in serious water shortage. The water crisis has sounded an alarm to mankind!

        When I was a child, I thought the water in the tap could flow all the time. My parents often tell me which places have suffered from drought recently. Not to mention planting crops, it is difficult to guarantee people"s drinking water. I found it hard to imagine that water was not the most thing on earth? There are so many big rivers, great lakes and seas. How can there be a shortage of water?

        Later, as I grew up, I gradually understood that 99% of the existing water reserves are sea water and polar ice that are not suitable for human use, and the remaining less than 1% of the available water sources are mostly in the stratum below 800 meters. The water of rivers and lakes that people depend on for survival accounts for only 0.5% of the total. 01%。 Mankind is facing the crisis of serious shortage of fresh water.

        However, this severe situation has not attracted enough attention. The rivers and lakes that people depend on are being polluted more and more seriously. Only by preventing new pollutants from entering rivers and lakes, the original pollutants in rivers and lakes may go, dilute and eventually disappear with the water flow. Therefore, the most fundamental way to prevent and control river and lake pollution is to control pollution sources. We know that the main sources of river and lake pollution are industrial wastewater and urban and rural domestic sewage.

        If we don"t cherish water resources, the last drop of water on the earth in the future will be our own tears.

      第四篇: 保護干凈的水資源英語作文

        Water is the source of life. Without water, people have no life.

        There used to be a clear river in my hometown. At that time, many villagers washed clothes there, children went there to play, and small fish and shrimp lived in the water. Small fish are playing in the water. Small shrimps "run" fast. If you are not careful, you will "fly" far away. The frog also shouted happily in the river, as if proudly saying, "the river I live in is the cleanest and clearest, and no river can compare with it." there are several big camphor trees along the river. The big camphor tree seemed to say with a smiling face, "I can grow so tall and so big, but I rely on the clear and sanitary water in the river.

        After a few years, the river was polluted because people saw that the place where the garbage was thrown was too far away and didn"t bother to walk over and throw it. They said, "it"s too far away. It"s better to throw it in the river at the door of their home." As the days passed, the river gradually became turbid and smelly. There was a lot of garbage along the river. People also discharged the sewage into the river. The small fish and shrimp in the river were not as happy as before, and gradually began to die. The camphor trees along the river also began to dry up and the air was not fresh. The little frog made a tragic cry in the river, as if to say: "It"s hard to go back home. These humans don"t care about the environment." we take the lead in protecting water resources. Starting from me, we should worry more about others, whether people or animals.

        Think of others.

      第五篇: 保護干凈的水資源英語作文

        Everyone knows to protect and save water. We need to protect water.

        But our home is seriously polluted. We need to treat sewage.

        My father is a village cadre. One day, my parents took me home. I saw a grandpa pouring rotten oranges. When my father saw this phenomenon, he quickly stopped to stop it and explained the seriousness of the matter to the grandpa.

        We should also cherish water sources. One night, when we went back to the dormitory, my aunt told us to wash. Dai Zhuoyu talked while receiving the water. When the water was full, I reminded her, "Dai Zhuoyu, we should save water! Turn off the tap in time." this is the spirit of water supply.

        We know that pigs are raised in all rural areas. Pig feces are thrown into the river, which stinks and pollutes the river. If you raise pigs in your family, you must remind your parents not to throw pig feces and garbage into the river, and ensure that the river is clean and tidy.

        If we want to improve the living environment, we must achieve the common treatment of five rivers: sewage treatment, flood prevention, waterlogging drainage, water supply and water saving!



















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