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      第一篇: 保護水資源英語作文

      We have only one earth. But now, the environment becomes worse and worse. As you know, theres no enough clean water for people. So many of them lose their lives because of water. In a lot of countries, people have to cut trees for living.

      So theres nothing to keep water from running away. Also we have polluted the land, the river and the air. So we have to face more and more floods and droughts . Its time that we must do something useful to protect our environment. We can plant trees and take good care of them. We can save the water and ask our parents to do so. We cant throw any litter onto the ground and we should collect them for recycling. If we take good care of our earth today, it will be more beautiful tomorrow. As you know,t heres no enough clean water for people. So many of them lose their lives because of water.

      第二篇: 保護水資源英語作文

      The water is the life fountainhead, as the saying goes, the “person may not eat meal by first, but cannot on first not drink water the “humanitys life to the boiling water, the water is not the humanity lives the essential important resources.

      According to the material demonstrated that, on the Earth can by the human direct use fresh water resources, only occupy the Earth 0.3%. On the Earth the overwhelming majority area all seriously lacks the water, many trees. The village and the paddies other desert swallows, the desert area is expanding gradually. The fresh water resources reduction, has affected humanitys economic development seriously, also is threatening humanitys survival. Saves the water used, protected the water resources already to cause the universe to take highly.Constructs a water source to be rich. The clear waters beautiful homeland is our desire.

      However, in ours life, the waste water resources phenomenon is quite serious.. The material investigates which from us indicated that, in our real life, in ours periphery, the waste water resources situation is extremely astonishing. . Says first our school, we have paid attention, the classroom building the water hydrant sometimes the water cock has gone bad, Shui Huahua subcrust current does not stop.Some water cocks are frequently drop of drop of water toward the outside drop, these did not know has wasted how much water situation, on the very many family surface looked saves the water used very much, in fact is in the waste water resources.Some family kitchen and the bathroom water cock water day in day out all drops in one drop of one drop toward inside the water jar and the Chu bucket, however the water jar and the Chu bucket water in does not stop actually toward the outside flows in the sewer.

      第三篇: 保護水資源英語作文

      Water is the source of life, life, human health without water. Few people can not eat, but you cant days without water. And now, global 20 million people are in severe water shortages!!!!!!!!!! Water crisis, has to humans was a wake-up call!

      Chinas water resocurces, but most of all, is the sea water of the sea is salty, is not directly drinkable, Plus most all freshwater distribution in cold north and south poles and permanent snow mountain, this place is freshwater resources. And uneven distribution, east of north, south west of less than, the local water.

      When I was a child I want to tap water, water has been flowing nonstop not? Mom and dad always told me what was recently and drought.

      第四篇: 保護水資源英語作文

      Scientists may have found one answer to the problem of water shortages. It is a new material that collects water from the air. They got their idea from a small beetle that lives in the desert in Africa. The deserts of the Skeleton Coast in Namibia are very dry, but the Namib desert beetle is an expert at surviving in hot and dry conditions. Its shell is covered in small bumps that collect tiny water droplets from the air. The water is enough to keep the beetle alive. Scientists studied the shape and material of the beetles bumps. They want to use what they found out about the beetle to make their own materials that can collect water from the air. This will help people who live in very dry areas.

      The scientists believe this new technology could help in many areas of our life. They said it could be very useful for power plants and for the heating and air conditioning in airplanes, cars and trains. One of the scientists, Philseok Kim, said: "Thermal power plants, for example, rely on condensers to quickly convert steam to liquid water. Our design could help speed up that process and even allow for operation at a higher temperature, significantly improving the overall energy efficiency." Another scientist, Joanna Aizenberg, said she was looking forward to the future of getting ideas for new technologies from nature. She said: "Everybody is excited about bio-inspired materials research."

      第五篇: 保護水資源英語作文

      Water is very important for living things. Without water there can be no life on earth.

      As we can see, the world population is growing rapidly day by day. So enough fresh water is needed to feed such a big population. Whats more, with the development of industry, factories and vehicles produce poisonous gases or wastes, which consequently results in the pollution of water. Though fresh, a good amount of it can no longer be used. Only quite limited fresh water resource is available to human beings. So its high time for us human beings to take quick action to protect water resource. Stop pollution and save water, otherwise, we cannot survive on the earth.

      第六篇: 保護水資源英語作文

      Who is willing to drink the polluted water? It can cause us to be ill and even to die. We can"t wait for a moment to protect our water sources. The water we use comes from oceans, lakes, rivers or streams. But many of these water sources are getting seriously polluted. Towns and cities are pouring dust into the water. Many people are throwing all kinds of dirty things into the water. Factories are pouring waste material into the water.

      Therefore, water sources have become so badly polluted that some of the water is unfit to drink or to use. Now it is high time that we should do something to protect our water environment from being polluted.

      第七篇: 保護水資源英語作文

      Saving Water

      Water is the most valuable resource on the earth. Water is the necessity of our life and we must drink it everyday.Now, many people can not drink clear water, because many of them are badly polluted. So, in order to save water, the first thing we should do is reducewater pollution. In addition, we should develop good habits to save water.

      For example,turn off the tap after we use. Or we should recycle the water to make it full use. In one word,water is scarce for all of us and we should try our best to save it.


      第八篇: 保護水資源英語作文

      Pollution is becoming more and more serious.

      Iook at the batteries all around us. We all know that used batteries are bad for environment. We shouldn"t throw them away. We should recycle them. Look at the plastic bags all around us. We all know plastic bags never rot. When we do shopping, we can use paper bags to store goods instead of plastic bags.

      As a matter of fact, we can do a lot to prevent the pollution.Let"s do something to bring pollution under control.

      第九篇: 保護水資源英語作文

      Water is very important to the human beings.But now many rivers and lakes are polluted.

      And what shall we do ? We can do like this:

      First we must prevent the factory from pouring waste water into the river

      Second we should stop people from throwing litter into the river.Many kinds of litter may pollute the environment.

      Finally we can tell the visitors how important the water is.

      After doing these things,I think water will become cleaner sooner or later.

      第十篇: 保護水資源英語作文

      Water is the source of life.We can"t live without water.However,with the increasing population and industrial development,water pollution has become a serious problem.Large amounts of wastewater go into rivers and seas directly without being treated,which can be dangerous to people.Also lots of people pay no attention to saving water in daily life,while in some place water is badly needed.

      It"s time for us to take some measures to improve the situation.Factories should treat the wastewater before letting it go into rivers.We can play a positive role in saving water.For example we can reuse the water for wishing rice to wash vegetables and then clean a mop.



















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